Gladca – An Overview

Services Provided in Gladca

  • Advise and assist vulnerable people with housing needs and domestic violence.

flower arrangingEnglish & ICT Classes:

  • Pre-Entry ESOL Classes
  • Functional Skills English Entry Level to Level 2
  • Functional Skills Maths
  • Functional Skills ICT

Immigration Advice

  • GLADCA is regulated by the Law Society and OISC

Specialist Immigration on hand to offer advise on:

  • Entry Clearance Application
  • Spouse Visa
  • EEA Application
  • British Citizenship

flower arrangingOther Short Courses :

  • Flower arranging classes
  • Healthy Eating sessions.
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Beauty Courses
  • Coach Trips


Contact us at:

Gladca, 316-318 Gladstone Street, Peterborough PE1 2BX

Tel: 01733 566 343        Fax:01733 558 821


cooking classesOne of the key activities developed over the years is GLADCA’s role as a training and educational establishment, focussing on new learners, especially those from hard-to-reach groups, such as women who experience cultural and other barriers to learning. Our other main activity over the year has been immigration advice which is offered at a very competitive rate in line with our not-for-profit ethos, and we hope to be able to resume our former level of service in welfare benefits advice, which we obliged to curtail owing to cessation of the funding stream.

The services provided over the year have included English language courses, IT courses, immigration, welfare benefits, general advice, home skills, flower-arranging, exercise and yoga, healthcare and healthy living. We aim to provide services in different ways in order to meet individual need. We have continued to work in partnership with Stamford College (which we have done since 2003) to provide training and education and there is always a waiting list for classes, especially in literacy, numeracy and IT skills. We have also worked in conjunction with the JobCentre, providing workshops in CV writing, interview technique and other employment-related skills, to enable our students to have a better chance of entering the job market.

Courses and services are provided at our own premises and also by means of outreach and we work with many agencies and communities across Peterborough to maximise the service offered.

This year we have been successful with Peoples Health Trust Active Communities funding.

We continue to be registered with the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissoner) to provide fee paying immigration services which has been very successful.


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